Transactional SMS Prices

No setup costs | No license costs | No monthly costs | No sender ID cost | You just pay a small fee per SMS | FREE API Integration

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Transactional Template based routes available - You can send pre approved transactional template SMS to your subscribers on dnd & non-dnd both.

Process :-

Get the templates approved with fixed & variable fields only for system api generated sms which is under trai regulations.

Transactional Sms Formats :-


Dear xx, Booking has been Confirmed. Booking Tkt No~, Pnr- xx ,AirLine- xx ,Pax Name- xx Thanks. Dear customer your pnr xxxxxx has been confirm thanks.


Dear customer your Ac xxxxxxxxxxx has been debited by Rs.xxxx now your account balance is Rs.xxxx Thanks. Dear customer your credit card bill due bill payment due date is xx/xx/xxxx thanks.

Website-Software Generated SMS

Dear XXXXXX thanks for registering.your user name XXXX your password XXXX. dear XXXXX your activation code is XXXX thanks for registering.

School, Colleges & Insitute :

Dear parent, your Son/Daughter is absent xx for xx. Please contact Class teacher. Dear student your fee due is xxxxx your fee due date is xxxx TEST school / college / Insitute.

*Sender Id: Sender Id should be in block letter( Six Character).

Note : Templates with special characters (i.e. #,@,&,<,>,?,:,",',^,*%% Enter command etc.) will not be approve and do not use any special character in any variable part of message content. Our software application does not support unicode. Sms font should be in english.

Payment will be 100% advance
GST @18% is mandatory on all packages.
Do email us the details after payments with transaction id’s at
1 sms ( 160 character ) = 1 credit only